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About Us

Roam Organics uses certified organic and natural ingredients mindfully selected to take your skin and senses on a journey. Each product is designed to add eco luxury to your daily routines with a strong focus on wellness. Each destination and ingredient has been carefully chosen to enhance your sense of wellbeing and to inspire you to learn more about the wonderful world in which we live and the desire to explore. You will find exotic oils and botanicals that have been used by different cultures in body care products in our range.

We know that a scent can trigger memories, so we strive to transport your senses all over the globe without leaving your house. We also know that living with auto immune conditions such as Rheumatoid Arthritis can be a daily struggle, so we have carefully chosen oils and herbs that target inflammation as well as tricky skin conditions such as eczema to each of our products. Our range extends from bath and body care to lifestyle.

Our Candles are handmade using a soy wax and organic coconut wax blend with certified organic essential oils to scent. The scents are more subtle than artificially fragranced products but still smell divine and are a welcome addition to any room.

So please come on board and take off with us as we explore the world.