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About Us

Roam Organics was formed in 2016 with the ethos of providing a range of self care and wellness products for the whole family to enjoy. Roam Organics is a brand dedicated to wellness, and inspired by travel. I have been a Registered Nurse working in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit for 15 years and I have learnt many things about infants and skin. One of my main loves was infant massage. This formed the basis of my first business in 2014 which was a one stop baby shop for all things dedicated to skin. After realising the strong emphasis we place on mother and baby, I wanted to incorporate the whole family so no one was left out as self care is an important ritual for the whole family. Introducing, Roam Organics.

 Roam Organics uses certified organic and natural ingredients mindfully selected to take your skin and senses on a journey. Each product is designed to add eco luxury to your daily routines with a strong focus on wellness. Each destination and ingredient has been carefully chosen to enhance your sense of wellbeing and to inspire you to learn more about the wonderful world in which we live and the desire to explore. You will find exotic oils and botanicals that have been used by different cultures in body care products in our range.

So come on board with us as we explore the world.

Rhiannon x